08Aug, 2017

Virtualisation Presentation

Why do we use Virtualisation ?

  1. Reduce power consumption and air conditioning needs.
  2. Trim building space
  3. Run multiple machines in a single physical machine.
  4. Run multiple operating systems on single operating systems.


  1. Easy backups and recovery
  2. Maximum utilisation of hardware resources


What is Virtualisation ?

Virtualization is a combination of software and hardware engineering that creates Virtual Machines (VMs) – an abstraction of the computer hardware that allows a single machine to act as if it where many machines.


Well known examples of Virtualisation

  • Disk partition

When to use Virtualisation ?

Most of the points mentioned in the section Why are good enough to show when to use virtualization.

  • In your desktop, you want to run one OS over other
  • You want to create simple cloud cluster in your machine.
  • Test your application in different system environments.

How to implement Virtualisation ?

This needs technical understanding and expertise.


  • I want to run Linux over Windows or vice versa.
  • I have a Powerful server machine with 6 TB HDD and 128 GB of RAM. But that is underutilize.


An important software which allows Physical machines to share their resources among virtual machines

Type 1 Hypervisor

It is also called Bare metal hypervisor.
Examples – Microsoft’s Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, Wind River, OpenSolaris, and VMware’s ESX./images/bare-metal.jpg \

Type 2 Hypervisor

Also called hosted hypervisor. It is installed above an existing OS.
Examples – Parallel Inc.’s Virtuoso, Sun VirtualBox, MEDV, Microsoft Virtual PC, VMWare Workstation./images/hosted-hypervisor.png


There was a time when each citizen(the OS) of the city(the Datacenter) was roaming around and doing his business in his own car (the physical server). Most of the cars were some big SUVs with big engines, consuming too much and offering too much space and power than what one person would need. One day, some smart guys (IBM) decided it will be much more efficient to put all those citizens in a bus(host physical server) driven by an experienced driver(the hypervisor); there they can share the power of the big engine, the storage space and they can talk to each other faster.

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