16May, 2019

Cloud Storage

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08Aug, 2017

Virtualisation Presentation

Why do we use Virtualisation ? Reduce power consumption and air conditioning needs. Trim building space Run multiple machines in a single physical machine. Run multiple operating systems on single operating systems. Easy backups and recovery Maximum utilisation of hardware resources What is Virtualisation ? Virtualization is a combination of software and hardware engineering that creates Virtual Machines (VMs) – an abstraction of the computer […]

05Aug, 2017

Points To Quickly Revise Ansible

Ansbible Configuration management automation tool Ansible needs SSH access to the systems you need to target. Uses SSH to connect to remote machines desired to be controlled and configured Gets context of machine on which action is to be performed. Context means – System and state information Do not make any change if context does not need it We teel ansible the desired state and […]