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Virtualisation Presentation

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Why do we use Virtualisation ?

  1. Reduce power consumption and air conditioning needs.
  2. Trim building space
  3. Run multiple machines in a single physical machine.
  4. Run multiple operating systems on single operating systems.


  1. Easy backups and recovery
  2. Maximum utilisation of hardware resources


What is Virtualisation ?

Virtualization is a combination of software

Points To Quickly Revise Ansible

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  • Configuration management automation tool
  • Ansible needs SSH access to the systems you need to target.
  • Uses SSH to connect to remote machines desired to be controlled and configured
  • Gets context of machine on which action is to be performed.
  • Context means – System and state information
  • Do not make any change if context does not need it
  • We teel ansible the desired state and Ansible based on the context will decide if needs